Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

"No One Does More for Veterans"

Karl W. Richter Memorial Post


Korat, Thailand



To our comrades of the United States Armed Forces, that answered the final call.



Heavenly Father, we commemorate those among Thy servants who have been called to thy bosom in the land of light. We pray that Thy mercy and justice have made right their human failings and faults. We pray that whatever justice was denied them in this vale of tears have been granted them a hundredfold. We pray that whatever comforts they were denied in this life, whatever evil they endured, may now redound to their everlasting happiness. We are thankful for their companionship and association in this life. By their efforts we are assured security and strength. Because they served well, we are proud to call them our own. We ask that, following in their footsteps, we may continue in Thy service until Thy summons comes. Then, in the knowledge that we have striven to observe Thy councils and precepts, may we judged worthy to be united with them and with Thee forever in heaven. Amen.



George T. Adams, Jr.

Freddie J. Allen

Kenneth A. Ambrose

Fred Amstend

Fred Arras

Luther R. Aungst

Virgil Ball

Robert J. Baum

Wilfred L. Berrios

Garey R. Boone

Larry Joe Boudreaux

James E. Bowers

James D Branner

Ralph J. Brooks

George W. Brown

Johnny Browning

Kenneth L. Bulson

Charles A. Burger

Don W. Bushong, Jr.

Roosevelt F. Camp

Joseph J. Carbonara

Larry L. Carter

Kenneth M. Chapman

Hugh P. Chavis, Jr.

Michael N. Cleary

Bruce H. Clymer

Thomas A. Collin

Donald M. Conner

Walt Corbett

Peter C. Cox

Arnold R. Crapo

Billy D. Crumbley

Thomas L. Cutsforth

Olen Daugherty

Carl A. DeBiase

Frank V. DeCarlo

Romeo DeLeon

Allen Delsman 

Robert W. Derry

Robert W. Dewey

Donald L. Dowland

Lee H. Duke

William D. Dunning

Paul J. Dyer

David L. Ebenhoch

Jimmie L. Edgington

William N. Elijah

B. J. Ellis

Robert V. Ensign

Richard D. Everett

Kenneth M. Falk

Harold W. Fothergill

Harvey G. Fullerton

Rickie B. Gamblin

Charles N. Garner

Cecil F. Gentry

Jack D. Giacomo

Robert R. Grindall

Ralph Hadley

Gary T. Hammack

Alan R. Hammer

John O. Hanford

Eugene M. Hanshaw

John A. Harrington

James D. Harris

James L. Harris

George F. Hayes, III

Gerald L. Heinemann

Wolfgang Ernest Henn

Micheal J. Herbst

Frank Herrera, Jr.

Thomas J. Hicks

Willis R. Hofler

Charles E. Hokkanen

Michael D. Hopkins

William L. Horton

Frankie Hubbard

Leonard B. Hudson

Willian J. "Bear" Hudson

David Hurts

Joseph H. Hutchinson

Dallas W. Jackson

James E. Jenkins

Clyde Jessie

Carl R. Jorns

Roy W. Judkins

Harry A. Justice

Eugene L. Kepner

George Kitrinos

Robert L. Korb

William J. Kran

Richard S. Kurdzeil

Charles F. Lancaster

James D. LaPan

Alberto E. Lee

Jessie L. Lewis

Joseph D. Lickteig

Ray A. Liedke

James P. Lindahl

Francis L. Lown

Richard C. Lyons

Terry D. Mann

Eugene D. Marshek

Joseph S. Marsili, Jr.

Ken McCarthy

Richard E. McCurley

Harold McGaha

Willian M. McMahon

Emery R. McPhaul, Jr.

Raymond D. Mendigorin

Richard L. Metcalf

Louis A. Montanez

Isias Moreno

Thomas D. Myers

J. B. Newman

Vernon D. Nycum

Jerry R. Ooley

Leonard C. Parker

Francis F. Paulin

Charles Pierce

Bill Potts

Neal D. Prince

Louis B. Ramos

Otis W. Ratcliffe

Robert F. Rensen

Bobby L. Ross

Thomas H. Ross

Lee Rutlin

Michael D. Rutter

Roger F. Santoni

Leo S. Shriver

Franklin D. Singleton

Danny E. Smith

JJ Smith

William J. Smith

Clarence Spann

Donald J. St. Pierre

Douglas H. Strand

Willard E. Stuvetraa

Jeffery L. Swartz

Laurence L. Taylor

John C. Turner

Otto Uebel

Florencio Valenzuela

Richard J. Vaupel

Floyd J. Voyles

William W. Walker

Henry G. Whitaker

Robert E. White, Jr.

Robert O. Whitetree

Andrew Whittikki

James Williams

Thomas R. Willians

Robert E. Willson

Ralph W.Wilmot

Thomas W. Witmyer

Barton H. Wittekind

Wayne West

Richard E. Yoakum

Douglas Young

Lawrence R. Youngman

Charlie Zull