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Karl W. Richter Memorial Post


Korat, Thailand



History of Karl W. Richter Memorial Post 10217 VFW

Here are photos of the original Post Charter, which was issued 21 January 1971, and the Perpetual Charter which was issued on 30 September 1974

Charter members of Karl W. Richter Memorial Post 10217

Original charter dated 21 January, 1971 and signed by
Julian Dickenson, Adjutant General and H. R. Rainwater,


Charter members of Karl W. Richter Memorial Post 10217

George T. Adams, Jr., Freddie J. Allen, Fred Arras, Luther R. Aungst, Virgil Ball, Robert J. Baum, Wilfred L. Berrios, James E. Bowers, James D Branner, Ralph J. Brooks, George W. Brown, Johnny Browning, Kenneth L. Bulson, Charles A. Burger, Don W. Bushong, Jr., , Roosevelt F. Camp, Joseph J. Carbonara, Larry L. Carter, Kenneth M. Chapman, Hugh P. Chavis, Jr., Michael N. Cleary, Bruce H. Clymer, Thomas A. Collin, Donald M. Conner, Walt Corbett, Peter C. Cox, Arnold R. Crapo, Billy D. Crumbley, Thomas L. Cutsforth, Olen Daugherty, Carl A. DeBiase, Frank V. DeCarlo, Romeo DeLeon, Robert W. Derry, Donald L. Dowland, Lee H. Duke, William D. Dunning, Paul J. Dyer, David L. Ebenhoch, William N. Elijah, B. J. Ellis, Robert V. Ensign, Richard D. Everett, Kenneth M. Falk, Harold W. Fothergill, Harvey G. Fullerton, Rickie B. Gamblin, Charles N. Garner, Cecil F. Gentry, Jack D. Giacomo, Robert R. Grindall, Ralph Hadley, Eugene M. Hanshaw, John A. Harrington, James D. Harris, James L. Harris, George F. Hayes, III, Gerald L. Heinemann, >Micheal J. Herbst, Frank Herrera, Jr., Thomas J. Hicks, Willis R. Hofler, Charles E. Hokkanen, Michael D. Hopkins, William L. Horton, Frankie Hubbard, Joseph H. Hutchinson, Dallas W. Jackson, James E. Jenkins, Clyde Jessie, Roy W. Judkins, Harry A. Justice, Eugene L. Kepner, George Kitrinos, Robert L. Korb, William J. Kran, Richard S. Kurdzeil, Charles F. Lancaster, James D. LaPan, Alberto E. Lee, Jessie L. Lewis, Joseph D. Lickteig, Ray A. Liedke, James P. Lindahl, Richard C. Lyons, Terry D. Mann, Eugene D. Marshek, Joseph S. Marsili, Jr., Richard E. McCurley, Harold McGaha, Willian M. McMahon,Emery R. McPhaul, Jr., Richard L. Metcalf, Carl A. Mitchell, Louis A. Montanez,Isias Moreno, Thomas D. Myers, Vernon D. Nycum, Jerry R. Ooley, Francis F. Paulin, Charles Pierce, Neal D. Prince, Louis B. Ramos, Otis W. Ratcliffe, Robert F. Rensen, Bobby L. Ross, Michael D. Rutter, Roger F. Santoni, Leo S. Shriver, Franklin D. Singleton, William J. Smith, Clarence Spann, Donald J. St. Pierre, Douglas H. Strand, Willard E. Stuvetraa, Jeffery L. Swartz, Laurence L. Taylor, John C. Turner, Richard J. Vaupel, Floyd J. Voyles, William W. Walker, Henry G. Whitaker, Robert E. White Jr., Robert O. Whitetree, Andrew Whittikki, James Williams, Thomas R. Willians, Robert E. Willson, Ralph W.Wilmot, Thomas W. Witmyer, Barton H. Wittekind, Wayne West, Richard E. Yoakum, Lawrence R. Youngman

Below here is the original Application for Post Charter, dated 9 December, 1970

219th MP Company in Korat, 1969-1970.

Recently Comrade Bill Mack sent these photos, and here is what he had to say in his email. (Note: He sent several pictures).Thanks Bill, nice pix!

"My name is Bill Mack. I was stationed with the 219th MP Co., Camp Friendship, in 1969-1970. My primary duties where on Town Patrol. It was a joint patrol along  with the 388th Security Police Sq., and the Thai Police. I came upon a picture that I had since then, of all of the boys who worked his  detail. They really where a great group of young men.   We worked out of JPS, I am sure it is not there anymore, I do remember it was  near the railroad tracks. I have enclosed a picture, which I would appreciate you posting in your VFW  Post. I am a life member and belong to VFW Post 10420, in Murrell's Inlet SC.   I would appreciate any assistance you can give me.  Thanks, Bill Mack"

Pictures from Korat RTAFB 1966-67

George B. Stoneman, M.D., formerly Captain USAF, MC, kindly provided these pictures taken while he was stationed here at Korat working as flight surgeon during the Vietnam War. You can see our Post's namesake, Karl W. Richter in many of the pictures. We thank him for providing this addition to the historical record of our troops during "our war", as most of us old guys are Vietnam Veterans

Final Edition of the Korat AFB Newspaper

The Sawadee Flyer

At our regular Post meeting on 9 November 2015 Comrade Kirby Oaks donated his copy of the Final Edition of the Sawadee Flyer and an Aerial Photo showing what the Base looked like when it was an Active Duty Air Force Installation.  Our Thanks to Kirby for his donation of these valuable pieces of Korat History.

Click Below to View the Sawadee Flyer and the Photo of the Base